Global Cash Management

We offer a service that is global in scope and includes system design, implementation, drafting of policy and procedures, as well as training. Our strategy provides improved visibility and control over your cash assets, reducing the risk to those assets. We also strive to enhance your utilization of cash, working to reduce your net interest gap and bank fees. Furthermore, our hands-on approach and training provides and improved strategic view of future cash requirements.

Our cash management services begin with a Global Best Practice GAP Analysis.

We then design and implement a Global Cash Management system that provides cash optimization and maximum visibility and control of your assets.

We help you devise a Global Cash Forecasting system that integrates seamlessly with your cash management and working capital structures, helping you avoid a crisis of liquidity.

We provide a Global Bank Account rationalization and walk you through the bank selection process. We then help prepare you for and manage the Request for Proposal process, making sure your best interests are met.

We help you establish the best policies and integrated processes for your investments, maximizing their power and yield.

We help establish In-House Banking, setting up Notional Pooling and Physical Cash Concentration structures along with Intercompany Netting processes that increase the power of your global investments. This “In-House Bank” will ultimately prove both tax and accounting friendly for your organization.